Understand How to Use Methods to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace

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2.1 Identify methods to communicate in the workplace Visual communication It is common to incorporate visual communication in order to share ideas that relate to the business, provide grapevine communication information to those that work in the company and to outline specific points that need to be emphasized for the success of the business. Examples of this type of communication include specially designed signs, electronic communication, documents and even presentations. It is essential that each individual has the capability of both implementing and comprehending visual communication processes in the workplace. Written communication Written communication is also quite important when it comes to the workplace. This form of communication involves either writing or typing out information, facts, figures, and other types grapevine communication of necessary information in order to express ideas among those in a business. Examples of this type of communication include reports, evaluations, emails, instant messages, physical and electronic memos, training materials, and other types of documents that are similar in nature. In the workplace, this is a flexible type of communication as it could be formal or informal - depending on the message(s) that are being expressed. Verbal communication Verbal communication is a core component when it comes to the overall success of a business. Verbal means that certain sounds, specific languages, and the spoken word may be used. In today's world, there is a large diversity of individuals that make up the standard workforce. There are employees that are different ages, those that are from different cultures, and even a variety of races. It is important that a company strives to create a basic foundation for verbal communication so that each person in the organisation understands.
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