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Career Reflection Paper The career path in which I have chosen to follow is United States Army Soldier. However, as I have inched closer to reaching my 20-year mark in the Army and prepare for retirement, I have chosen to complete my collegiate studies, so that upon my Army retirement, I can pursue a career as a Human Resources Management Officer. Being a Soldier, has allowed me to not only learn about my own abilities as a leader and hone those skills, but also, I have learned to follow others in pursuit of accomplishing a common goal (a mission). These abilities are going to be extremely helpful in my post Army career in some type of corporation. I have the privilege of being the grandson of two Korean War veterans who both served honorably with the all Puerto Rican, 65th Infantry Regiment. Their Service to our country inspired me to also serve my country. What I have learned over the years has inspired me to continue serving I my current capacity as an Operations Sergeant. I feel that it is my responsibility to be the best team player hence working with my peers, and colleagues. In any given workplace, there is likely to be a mixture of different personalities that together contribute to the company's mission and goals. Personalities can have a powerful effect on your attitude toward work, influencing different aspects of your professional approach and work attitude; others may represent challenges to overcome in order to maintain professionalism in the workplace. I feel that what I have learned throughout this course, has been a set of enhancements to the communication and leadership skills that I have already learned in the

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