Poem Analysis: In Flanders Field

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Veterans’ Day lorena martinez Thank you to all the soldiers out there who are fighting for our freedom. We dedicate this day, Veterans Day, to every single soldier who dedicated their lives so we could be where we are now. I am always and will always be grateful for what America has given me. Soldiers have been fighting for freedom for ages now. Two great examples of this would be World War I and World War II. In World War I where there were over 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians that died, the U.S (us) allied with the allies and saved us in 1918 when the war ended. Well we thought it was over, but we were wrong. Soldiers kept fighting for us when World War II occurred in 1939 sparked by Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland.…show more content…
His artillery unit was serving around Ypres in the flander part of Belgium when allied troops battled Germans around this region. In the second battle in Ypres he witnessed his friends death that led him to write “In Flanders Field”. McCrae’s poem is trying to infer that the dead did not die for no reason and that they hand the challenge to us to keep on fighting. The point of this poem is to show us that the dead soldiers are not really dead because they will always be alive in our memory for they did not die in vain. I think this poem represent all the people that gave their lives up for us, not only in Ypres but everywhere else, that they will live on forever in our memories. My close uncle, Orlando Muñoz, is a veteran and I am very proud of him. He is an inspiration to my family and I, we love what he does for this country, and in spite of all the hard work and effort it takes, he loves what he does. He is the example of a true American citizen. He has been serving for 18 years from the moment he graduated high school. He is one of the many who fight for what we believe in, our right to freedom. Veterans Day is a big thanks to all those men who gave their life and are risking their lives so we can live the way we live now. They are the brave hearted who will never die but live in our minds and in our

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