The Goal of Life Essay

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Question: Consider carefully and then state below in the space provided why you wish to enroll in the Army ROTC program. Indicate in your statement how you believe your own objectives in life are related to the education and training offered by Army ROTC and what a career obligation means to you. I don’t see a career in the U.S. Army as an obligation but as a privilege. I aspire to become a career officer and will do everything in my power to achieve this goal. I have spent countless hours studying and researching the responsibilities, benefits, and consequences of this lifestyle. I can honestly tell you, this is not only the career I have dreamed about since my adolescence, but also a lifestyle that I have been captivated by as an adult. No amount of research can fully prepare me for the physical and mental training that I will undergo as an ROTC cadet but I am willing to accept the challenge and embrace this future. I believe that the ROTC program will give me opportunities that I wouldn’t normally be able to experience, this will help me develop my leadership skills. Having these capabilities will be an important virtue in fulfilling my duties as an Army officer. All of my life I have wanted difficult challenges and been determined to excel in each of them. When playing sports, studying in the classroom, participating in clubs, and working my various jobs, I sought out challenges and excelled with a sense of pride and satisfaction. I also think it is my duty to serve my country as an officer in the United States Army and repay for all of the wonderful privileges I have been able to have. After I serve time as an officer, I believe that my leadership skills and training will give me great opportunities in life. The challenges that I will face will make my future as an Army officer

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