PSY 435 Job Analysis In Organizational Psychology

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Job Analysis Kimberly Hollis PSY/435 March 3, 2015 Monica Burns Job Analysis When describing jobs and the necessities to perform them, it is commonly known as job analysis. Through job analysis information is gathered in many different ways. The common methods used are interviews, observations, and questionnaires plus other specialized tactics. These common tactics are often incorporated with each other depending on the organization and situation they might have. Through industrial and organizational psychology, psychologist are able to deliver research that Human Resource managers use in creating approaches and decisions. Management in Human Resource play a huge role in any organization because it is that manager that…show more content…
Originations with these types of management system help ensure the safety of that specific business. In this position everyone in the company is involved including the customers safety as well. It is the procedures and policies developed by the Human Resource Managers that create a very well organized, fair, and calm environment in workplaces. HR managers can both represent employee needs and implement management agendas, be the voice of the employee and the voice of management, act as a partner to both employees and managers (Guest &Woodrow, 2012). Ideas are put in the works on how to structure the function to accomplish specific roles in workplaces. In that structure, there are three elements used. The first element is that strategic business partners should come together to create and implement relevant business including Human Resource strategy. The second element is sharing expertise with specialist who have unique abilities in a wide area such as recruitment, training, selection, development, pay, and rewards. The third and last element is involves providing information with administration support to other managers including staff. The goal of strategic job analysis is specification of the tasks to be performed and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required for effective performance for a job as it is predicted to exist in the future (Schneider & Andrea, 1989).With all the details given and skills used as a Human Resource manager a company is put in good hands making sure complications and conflicts are taken care of throughout all of the company. It is very imperative that job analysis are used in companies. Human Resource managers are highly trained to oversee departments throughout the whole company while using different methods to ensure nothing goes wrong that could cause the company any kind of trouble. These methods used improves the conditions

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