Understand the Nature and Importance of the Communication Process in the Workplace

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The importance of effective communication in the workplace Effective Communication is a conversation that will aim successfully to deliver a message in the workplace and have that message received and interpreted accurately. Depending who your target audience is will often dictate the feel of the conversation and the method of communication. The style and feeling used when communicating is often open to interpretation. However when you have various personality types in your audience you must ensure that your message is acknowledged and understood correctly. A breakdown in communication will often result in a mixed message being received. To effectively communicate you must have a method to check your audiences understanding, (at the end of the day most communication is a 2 way street), so a facility to discuss the message and any issues will enable any query’s to be answered or at least acknowledged. Understanding the various types of people you’re communicating to means you may have to give the message in various forms (telephone, email, writing, 1-2-1, presentation) and careful consideration needs to be given to your chosen form, and in some instances you may have to pick more than 1 method. Effective communication can also lend to saving time & money, so being comprehensive and concise with your chosen method/s is a great skill to possess. Describe the stages in the communication Cycle and the barriers to communication in the workplace. Below are the 5 steps of the communication cycle. • The sender: Is the giver of information • Encoding message: Creating the content and verbalising the message • Message Channel: Deciding the method to deliver your message • Decoding message: Understanding/interpretation of the message • Receiver: The target/s of the message • Noise: The potential distortion of the message due to external

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