Medication Support Level 3

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Unit 301 Outcome 1 1) Identify the different reasons people communicate People can communicate in a number of different methods, not just through speech. Communicating is about how we respond to each other. This can be done through facial expression, touch, body movement or the way that a person dresses can convey a lot. People communicate on all levels whether this be personal or professional. When people communicate, information is being shared with another and through this a relationship or bond can be formed. In the workplace when I am supporting an individual, I get to know them and thus a relationship is formed. Professional relationships require good communication and respecting one another is important. Good communication is vital in the work setting, both for those being supported and colleagues in the workplace. It's important that good relationships are had with colleagues and other professionals such as Nurses or Doctors, thus allowing people to work and communicate effectively with each other and share knowledge and information. A lot can be learnt from simply asking others with more experience and skills. People can communicate for a number of different reasons, these can include to show how we feel, to pass on information or obtain information, or for social reasons. Communication can be written, verbal or through body movements. 2) Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting If there is effective communication and people work as part of a team and help each other with workloads, this helps to build a trusting relationship with one another. In my work setting the relationships formed with those I support and look after is crucial. If an individual requires care or support they will want someone they know is caring, honest, reliable and trustworthy. It is important that when first communicating with an individual, that

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