Unit 301 Essay

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Unit 301 Outcome 1 1.1 People communicate to maintain relationship with others to share information, give instruction, knowledge, to be understood, to understand and to show others that they are valued. Communication is very important tool to a carer as it is will meet the needs of vulnerable adults. It a basis requirement of my role to communicate with the clients and there families, other members of staff on a daily basis. Communicating with other members of staff will ensure effective team work and continuity of care. As a carer I would discuss the options and choices to the client that is available to them and allow them to make a informed choice regarding to their care. 2.1 A work relationship is important of building trust and have a understanding between people and it will make things easier to get things done. Relationships with a colleagues and other professionals are vital if people are to work together effectively. It is important to ensure that you show respect to those you work with and to focus on the communication between the individual whom you are administering care and it does not stay into personal conversation between the carers. A workplace relationships can become stronger when people can clearly and effectively communicate what they need and allow others to do the same. Outcome 2 2.2 It is important to encourage communication with the individual. The factors to consider are has the individual got any equipment they need to aid them with their communication ie glasses, are the clean, are they the right prescription. Hearing aids, are they switched on, are the batteries ok. Are the hearing aids clean and fitted correctly. If the client is hearing impaired ensure that they can see you clearly, you are facing them and that you do not cover your mouth when you are talking to them, speak clearly and slowly and repeat if required. As a
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