Unit 4222-301 Essay

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Identify the different reasons why people communicate. People communicate for several reasons such as, for giving and receiving information, to develop new relationships with work colleagues, patients, etc. And to express their needs and preferences to make sure that they are met. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. By having good communication skills it will build good relationships in the work place. Communication works both ways, so it is important to speak clearly in a way that the person listening would understand so it causes no confusions. Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication. Some factors to take into consideration when communication would be hand and facial gestures; which could show feelings and emotions. Another factor is the person your speaking to and the level of understanding they have, and if they will be able to understand more technical and complicated words. Another factor would be the environment that you’re in, because if it’s too noisy you might not be able to understand what the other person is saying. Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways. People from different backgrounds may communicate differently in ways such as languages, touch and using different gestures. Identify barriers to effective communication. Some barriers that could prevent effective communication would be slang, a foreign language, and health issues relating to communication, the speed you’re talking and the environment that you’re in. Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individual to communicate effectively. To gain extra support we could ask the persons close family and friends their preferred ways of communicating, a specialist nurse, support groups and interpreting and translation services.

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