Level 501 1.1 Means of Communication

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Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication 501 1.1: There are a lot of people who I communicate with on a regular basis within my role as senior manager at the Family Unit. These include other managers, support workers, young people, visitors to the home and external agencies. I communicate with these people in writing and verbally and also by listening. I have to use different skills when communicating with the different individuals mentioned, for example young people in our care might need to feel valued supported and understood when I am looking at their dietary needs, I may need to adapt the way I communicate to make sure they understand me. Barriers to communication may occur if I do not assess how to communicate with every person I have to deal with depending on their position. When I am speaking with people who I am the manager of I need to know they understand my instructions, and understand that as their superior they have to do the duties that I request of them. I have to do this in a way which gives an air of mutual respect to ensure people are happy to carry out the tasks I have requested of them. It is also important that I listen to their suggestions and ideas and act upon them to make sure they are always happy and comfortable communicating with me. 1.3: Effective Communication is an important skill in the workplace for managers to perform the basic functions of management. If people don't communicate well it can create conflict. Depending on the position in the workplace, others will have expectations of how an person should communicate with others. It is important that for respect is shown to those he or she works with. The general social care council’s code of practice states that communications should be conducted in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way. By communicating in this way others will have trust and
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