Communication Insights on Group Discussion and Interview

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Why the topic of “Communication Insights on Effective GD and PI”? Working in a team has become a necessity in any corporate. A group discussion allows the recruiters to test the candidates on this parameter. A candidate should understand and follow the implicit norms of a group discussion. Speaking effectively in a group discussion is achieved by means of body language as well as public speaking skills. Similarly a personal interview provides a chance to the recruiter to know you better. The interviewer tries to verify some key aspects required for the job and determines if the personality of the person clicks with the "personality" of the Company. An interview also provides a chance to the candidate to expand on his positive points. Through this topic we want to try and showcase the importance and need of effective communication in such crucial matters. At the same time this might help the batch gain some useful insights. What management insight does this topic bring? From a managerial perspective, the topic will try to provide insights on the following two aspects: 1. A business cannot run without effective communication among its employees. The topic will try to showcase some key features of communication covering all aspects viz. reading, writing, verbal and listening 2. Brainstorming has become an integral part of almost all organizations. The topic will provide insights as to how one should conduct himself in a brainstorming session a. As a person climbs up the ladder in an organization, he has the onus of selecting the best team for himself. Group Discussion and personal interview are the tools available to him for this task Group discussion and personal interview provides a platform to a person to communicate effectively in a professional manner What communication insight does this topic bring? To perform well in a

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