Uniforms should be necessary

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Some schools in town have already made uniforms compulsory for students. It is thought that this policy has helped improving the discipline of these schools. On the other hand, there are schools that still let students wear clothes of their choice and do not impose any kind of uniforms. Considering the benefits of school uniforms, I would suggest that every school has uniforms for their students. School uniforms would make people judge an individual on the basis of personal character rather than social status. With the industrialization and modernization of our world, the society that we live in has been divided into classes. Today, we group people on the basis of the restaurants they go to, the dresses they wear, and the gadgets they use, without any concern to individual character. If a school has uniforms, the students would all look the same and therefore, would be evaluated keeping in mind their talents and personalities. Uniforms can help reduce the possibility of bringing weapons to schools. When going to school, some individuals hide their weapons in the baggy clothes that they wear. Due to the looseness of the outfit, it becomes hard for the officials to tell if the individual is carrying any harmful weapon with him. Therefore, the compulsion of uniforms would prevent students from bringing weapons to school. Uniforms can help maintain discipline of schools. In schools where there are no uniforms, some students wear clothes that identify their gangs. Moreover, tops that do not have appropriate writings on them are worn. If a school introduces uniforms for students, it can easily deal with such problems. Some people might contradict my opinion by arguing that different clothes make the monotonous environment of school more interesting. I would like to question such people; what is more important – entertainment or safety? What would you like better –

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