Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns?

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Jeremy L. Hoskins English Composition II 15 January 2013 Essay School shootings are without a doubt a tragedy, but the question arises as to what the people of this country can do to prevent further crimes. Many people want to allow school teachers to carry firearms in order to protect their class. This idea has been well thought out, and pondered upon since the first attacks on a school. If the teacher was subject to regular physiological evaluations, and kept trained on the proper procedures on using a weapon, then there is no reason why they should not be allowed to carry a sidearm. It would be a deterrent to anyone who thinks about committing a crime in a school. Finally it would add extra security protocols and precautions for the teachers to make it safer for them to be able to carry the weapons. Training on a weapon is critical for anyone wanting to carry a gun. A firearm in untrained hands is just as dangerous as one in a murderer’s hands. Even a novice shooter can become effective at using the weapon with minimal training. A teacher wanting to carry a sidearm should have mandated class and range time, as well as regular retraining. In addition they would have to be given a license to carry the weapon, so they don’t have to leave it in the classroom unattended. Regular physiological evaluations would make sure that the teacher is still within a sound mind and still okay to carry the gun. With teachers now carrying weapons on campus the disgruntled students would be less likely to try to bring a weapon of their own to school. Mentally disturbed former students and previous employees would be more hesitant to try anything as well. It would even allow a quicker response to any incident that would occur, instead of having to wait for emergency personnel. A teacher who tries to do something would be rapidly subdued preventing a more serious problem.

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