Time Stealers Essay

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Which of the time stealers found here could impact on your personal performance in varying work conditions? Using the table provided, mark the areas that might affect your personal performance. Which of the time stealers you marked on the list can be fixed by you? What method would you use for dealing with each of the time stealers and thereby improving your personal performance? Activity 3_1 | Time stealers | Yes/ No | Can be by me—yes/ no | Method | Interruptions – telephone | Yes | Yes | Turn personal phone off so no disruptions are made | Interruptions – personal visitors | Yes | No | Tell family members/ friends etc. that no visits during work hours. Then be very brief & assertive if they do interrupt your work | Mail and email | Yes | Yes | Only use these if needed for work. Keep work and personal life separate. | Meetings | Yes | Yes | Manage time, meetings are there for to organizing and seeing where everybody stands at in a workplace. | Tasks you should have delegated | Yes | Yes | Do my best to accomplish these tasks myself for this project, but be sure to dele-gate more tasks in the future. | Procrastination and indecision | Yes | Yes | But this shouldn't be a problem if there's a timeline for tasks which is followed | Acting with incomplete information | Yes | Yes | Gather all the information and do research | Dealing with team members | Yes | Yes | Communication | Solving problems that should be solved on the floor | Yes | Yes | Communication and problem solving | Crisis management (fire fighting) | Yes | Yes | Alert whole team to situation so all can help carry the extra load | Unclear communication | Yes | Yes | Ask for clarification | Inadequate technical knowledge | Yes | Yes | Find an expert who can give assistance. | Priorities and expectations of others | | | | Workload from unrelated

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