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Captiva Conglomerate I. Major Facts A. Captiva Conglomerate awarded a $1M contract to S.O. Software (SOS) to develop/supply a custom inventory management and spare parts management system without using a cross functional team (CFT) approach. a. SOS design was to cut inventory and improve support by “More Uptime” b. System not user friendly by the average employee c. Overall system design does not meet end users need d. Only 2 people at Captiva reviewed and/or initial and/or signed the contract: Jana (IT)/Gerry (President) e. Contract is over budget B. Al Carpenter, Materials manager called a meeting to discuss the following: a. Status of the SOS contract b. Development of a corrective action plan c. Lessons learned C. The following attended the meeting: a. Sam Sliderule (Inventory and Spares manager) b. Aaron Blumencranz (Supply manager) c. Also in attendance (Jason Patel, VP of Ops, Monica Stein, VP of Finance, and Jana Perry, Director of IT maybe known as Jim as well in the text) D. Poor communication and poorly written SOW/contract a. Monica comments “How did we get in such a mess” b. Upper management is unaware of issues with SOS product i.e. delays, c. No legal or other leadership review on contract; Gerry signed with statements “best efforts/whenever possible” except Jana (IT manager) d. Jason stated “Who wrote the specs for the software?” II. Major Problem Did Captiva Conglomerate President (Gerry) know of the major change within his company, and did he delegate an effective CFT task to research a custom inventory management and spare parts management system before awarding a contract to SOS? III. Possible Solutions/Alternatives A. Captiva should stop the work until a meeting is coordinate with Captiva leadership to include Gerry and legal to explain the situation. I would get Gerry to communicate the importance of the

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