Glenwood Gardens Independent Living Facility Case Study

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Regulatory Issue: Glenwood Gardens Independent Living Facility As an independent living facility of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Glenwood Gardens enforces a company policy in which the corporate organization holds no liability of an employee getting hurt while performing medical care (Kern County Fire Department, 2013). Instead, protocol for medical emergencies require employees to call 911 and sit with residents of medical necessity until EMS arrives (Kern County Fire Department, 2013). This company policy prevents employees from performing any medical care or lifesaving technique, which increases the risk of fatality. Colleen is the employee at Glenwood Gardens who refused to follow dispatcher (Halvorson) instructions and perform CPR on a resident who collapsed on the facilities dining room floor (Kern County Fire Department, 2013). She calmly remains on the phone waiting for EMS; however, makes no attempt to find anyone else to…show more content…
After Colleen had said she cannot make that decision, Halvorson explained that EMS takes total responsibility for the medical care instructed. Colleen’s word choices and tone did not express sympathy or urgency as she continuously put off Halvorson’s plea to find someone else to keep Lorraine Bayless from taking her last breath (Kern County Fire Department, 2013). Duty-based Ethics Although Colleen is the facility’s Resident Service Director, she identifies herself as a nurse to the 911 dispatcher (Kern County Fire Department, 2013). For a nurse, on or off duty, to see someone laying on the floor as if he or she is lifeless and not do anything about it, is in violation of duty-based and virtue-based ethics. When someone becomes a nurse he or she agrees to the responsibility of taking medical action in the presence of a medical emergency, using their better judgment (Fantz, 2013). Sources Administrative

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