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ASSIGNMENT 206 UNDERSTAND THE ROLE OF THE SOCIAL CARE WORKER TASK A Short Questions. Ai) Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship. A working relationship is between co-workers and clients, this is a relationship where I am at work and would have little or no contact with them. A personal relationship would be my personal life (family/friends) where I would be enjoying extra curricular activates and engaging in my social life. Three differences between the two are as follows: 1. You would be able to discuss confidential information with co-workers and clients but not with family/friends as this would be a breach of confidentiality. 2. Discussing life issues, when in a professional working relationship with clients you would not be able to discuss potential life issues such as money problems, problems at home etc… this is something that you are not allowed to do due to this client being a vulnerable adult who listens to these problems and can get worried about that member of staff and then try to help. 3. Arguing, this is not allowed at work as you have signed up for the job, you cannot turn around and argue with a senior member of staff when you have been given the job roles that are included, where as at home you can argue. Aii) Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting. 1. Manager to care staff: this is a relationship where you can go to the manager about any problems or questions you may have that arise within the job role, this can also include any problems that may attach to you. 2. Care assistant to care assistant: this is a relationship that is seen on a day to day basis you are working together to help the shift and the clients be as independent as possible with there care. Aiii) Explain why it is important that social care
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