Thinner Is Better? Who to Blame?

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Thinner is Better? Who to Blame? What is beauty? To most people now a day’s beauty is just something physical. But is that what real beauty is? Many young girls have idea that for them to be beautiful they have to look like their favorite celebrity. This mostly means that they have to look as skinny as them. These girls pressure themselves to the point where they become anorexic. Does society play a key role in causing these pressures? Yes! In today’s society, when one talks of beauty, physical appearance is always included. Why has our youth come to this? Whatever happened to beauty is only skin deep? Individuals have become so obsessed with body image that they have forgotten the true meaning of happiness. Beauty should be defined by the way we are, especially by personality, smile, energy, intelligence. There are many issues that play a major role in anorexia’s development such as the media and society. Anorexia: a sociocultural matter. Anorexia is a very serious eating disorder that develops when someone decides to stop eating. Many people have differing opinions on why and how this problem has developed. Some feel as though society and the media has played the impact for this. The teenage population all the way up to young women today ages 13-22 have been constantly brainwashed with the pressures that thin is beautiful. Many people think that anorexia is cause by our genes, but it is impossible to say that genes are the cause for anorexia’s development. If that was the case, everyone would stop eating at ages other than the norm. For example children would stop eating all together at ages such as three and four years old and elders would stop eating at a variety of ages as well. However, this not the way it works. When someone reaches the turning point into the teenage years, they begin to see the desire to be thin flow all around them. As they walk down the
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