Lang Day's Argumentative Essay: Body Image In The Media

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Keske1 Drew Keske Mrs. Haaser P.1 2/28/12 Body Image Essay Most people like to keep up with the Jones' as far as body image goes. This is the outcome of the astounding media people see and hear every day. Many people wish to lose weight and look like models for the sake of “fitting in.” The media affects the minds of most nearly all teenagers and adults into feeling guilty about their bodies and do what ever it takes to have that waist-size, forcing them to the extremes of harsh dieting, starving themselves, or becoming anorexic or bulimic. This harsh media takes its toll on many teenagers, the most unstable period of a person's life. Teenagers feel guilty about their bodies due to the media, and how they see themselves. In a short poem, Lang Day, the author, describes how she saw herself, “Flat-chested, ribs protruding, I always felt fat: bottom heavy. Oh, those massive, rippling thighs spreading whitely as bread dough on the car seat! At twelve I thought i'd die if my waist exceeded 21 inches”(9). This young girl had suffered from anorexia for years all because of how the media portrays “beautiful women.”. Lang Day is among many who feel the need to lose weight or become skinny.…show more content…
In an essay, the author Tisdale elaborates as to how she felt while dieting, “I am sick of the way I acted on a diet, the way I whined, my niggardly, penny-pinching behavior” (14). what people do to their bodies because of the media really affects them more than they would like to think. Dieting usually leads to major depression and lost feelings. Tisdale had these effects, and she expands on the idea saying, “What

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