Societys Effects on Self Image

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Society’s Effects on Self Image In today’s modern society women are portrayed by certain images and stereotypes. More so than before, women are pressured to have perfectly sculpted bodies and long blonde hair, along with a youthful sparkling complexion. The question that eludes us is where did these stereotypes come from exactly? Is it from the movie and television industry? Or perhaps it’s from the magazines that plague the checkout stands at the local supermarkets. 4 Week by week women are exposed to negative body images of themselves and others by means of media. They fall victim to thousands of half-naked women who have perfect bodies, flawless personalities, and beautiful faces; but while this image of perfection is very desirable, it’s extremely unattainable for most. As a result, younger women feel inadequate within society, and older women fear the effects of ageing. Body image is a person’s perception of his or her own physical appearance.1 A person with a poor body image will perceive his or her own body as being unattractive or even repulsive to others, while a person with a good body image will see him or herself as attractive as others, or will at least accept his or her current form. Perceived body image is not necessarily related to any objective measure or the average opinion of the other; others may relate a person who has a poor body image as beautiful, and may rate a person with a good body image as unattractive.1 Over the past several years the media industry has been used as a successful tool in convincing women that they have flaws. Either their skin isn’t as smooth as it could be, they’re not tan enough, or their teeth aren’t as shiny as they should be; the media industry has pointed this out. Directly related are the corporations who look towards media as means of convincing consumers they have imperfections that can be easily fixed

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