Jean Killbourne Killing USftly 3 Analysis

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Imagine being depicted as an object to be won, not truly a human but merely a portrait of "when a mans achievements become a woman's good fortune". This is a modern woman's reality. In Jean Killbourne's movie Killing Us Softly 3, Jean explains how advertisements and the media try to depict "who we are, and who we should be". In this essay I will shed some light on the dominate message in these ads, what the consequences of these ads are, and my opinion on what Jean Killbourne has said. In Killing Us Softly 3 Jean Killbourne shows a collection of ads that portray women not only as the product with the label draped across her stomach, but as gold-digging, passive, vulnerable objects that never really means no when she say's it. Women's bodies are becoming more objectified then ever by the media. Being rendered as alcohol and perfume bottles, signs and vases. Becoming an ever shrinking…show more content…
By constantly seeing women who are rail thin, and women who are pictured as being caught in the moment with aggressive men, the misconception is forced into our minds. "It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder – seven million women and one million men." (this information is from the 2006 South Carolina Department of Mental Health statistics) There is no doubt that the media's portrayal of woman directly effected this information. Not only is the high rates of eating disorders in women the fault of the advertisements that we see on a regular basis, but so are the high rates of violence towards woman. When young impressionable boys see these movies where a man pushes a women, slaps a women, or forces a women to kiss him; it gives them the perception that this is acceptable, that if a boy kiss us long enough against our will that we will soon give in to his desires. Jean Killbourne says, " Turning a human being into a thing is almost always the first step towards justifying violence towards that
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