The Price For Beauty

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The Price for Beauty Woman throughout history have set standards on how beauty is a large significance in their daily lives. From reading the article by Robin Marantz Henig, “The Price of Perfection”, I’ve learned a lot about the choices and risks woman have taken throughout history to measure up to the idea of perfection. However, perfection is labeled differently through the eyes of the beholder. People tend to make changes from who they really are to become what the media, tradition and cultural practices shows what’s specifically visual perfection. As stated in the article by Robin Henig, “Over the centuries, women have mauled and manipulated just about every body part – lips, eyes, ears, waists, skulls, foreheads, feet… (55). With certain ways women try to build their confidence level for their visual appearance, they go through a great deal of risks; consequently, severe dangers are more likely to occur, also expressed in the article. In this article, Robin Marantz Henig explains and exposes many different forms and ways woman have deliberately made changes to their bodily figures to fit in the standards of perfection in beauty. She clearly isn’t in favor of these practices from her statement in the article, “The crazed quest for beauty at any cost had led to some bizarre practices along the way” (56). Exactly, very bizarre practices that woman go by to feel better about there appearance rather then their health. For example, seeing today’s issues for beauty; models and movie stars all over the media show how being thin is the “hot” look as the expression came forth, “thin is in”. Woman all over the world view magazines, articles, television, movies etc, and with more people expressing vanity, many others confidence level has decreased. Everyone wants to look perfect. Everyone wants to be beautiful and wanting people to find them attractive which leads
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