Analysis Of Susan Sontag's Beauty: The Oppression Of Women

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The mirror reflected the woman’s face as she applied her mask. Foundation, powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick are all applied as she satisfies her need to appear beautiful. In Susan Sontag’s passage, Women’s Beauty: Put Down or Power Source?, she explains the definition of beauty and the plight of contemporary women with respect to beauty. Women are overly concerned with superficial appearances and they do not express who and what they really are. Although beauty was once considered a virtue and can be considered a form of power, it is really a form of oppression that leaves women objectified and constantly working to be attractive. A historical excursion brings us to the fact that beauty wasn’t always what it is today. Beauty used to be a virtue for the Greeks. It was a form of excellence and people were beautiful inside and out. Beauty then became paradoxical during the time of Socrates.…show more content…
This statement is in fact true, however, what kind of power is implied here? This power has a note of inferiority attached to it. The power to attract is not chosen freely; rather it is placed on women by men and society as a whole. Both men and women are responsible for this obsession placed on the need to be beautiful. The ideal of beauty has become a form of oppression by men and also self-oppression. This makes women feel inferior because they can never achieve the perfect image. Women are always disapproving every part of their bodies, scrutinizing every imperfection. Women are looked at by the different parts of their bodies while men are looked at as a whole. For example, the word “butterface”, which means overall the woman is attractive “but her face”. Today’s media is barraging women with images of what they are supposed to look like. Examples like these lead women to feel incomplete and inferior because she can never be perfect and completely secure in her

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