Treatment Of Women In A Midsummer Night'S Dream

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In a Midsummer Night's Dream women were treated differently by men than the average way they are in present life. Although women liked the fact of having freedom and power, they really didnt. On the other hand men held the power and were able to do many things that women couldnt. It was looked at that women were supposed to get married and that that was one of the biggest achievments in her life while men go on and do greater things. Women were looked at as the weaker sex compared to men. In this play there was a athenian rule which required women to obey there fathers wishes or they could be killed. For example Egeus gave Demetrius his consent to marry his daughter Hermia. She was in love with Lysander and her father told her she should be killed if she doesnt marry Demetrius. In this play a womens life was not valubal to men. Other than today women would be killed for breaking a law and it wouldnt be a big deal. In a Midsummer Night's Dream women's sexuality was important. Men would rape women if they pleased to. In a scene of this play Helena was telling Demetrius how she was in love with her. He told her to go away and he was calling her horrible things and compared her to an ugly beast. He told her he never wanted to see her face again and that he would rape her in the woods. They were sometimes talked to as if they did not have any feelings at all. Helena is looked at as a pathetic girl who is jelous of hermia's looks and obsessed with Demetrius who will never love her back. Shes looked at as if shes a women who is wasteing her time wishing she were someone else. She says to Demetrius at one point that "the more he beats her the more she will fawn him". Helena is practically begging him to treat her poorly because she feels that any bit of attention from him is

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