The Influence of the Media on Body Image.

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The influence that the media has on the body image of young teenagers is an ongoing public and controversial issue in today’s society. The main source of influence is from celebrities and public figures most commonly in the form of music videos with very provocatively dressed figures. These sensually dressed stars encourage youth to put unwanted and unnecessary pressure, demands and stress on themselves, through the sense of believing that the situations and attitudes as well as physical appearances that appear in many commercial music videos are most people’s expectations in life and that they should follow and represent the same statuses that their celebrity icons do. The equally provocative lyrics accompany the overall theme and plot of the music video as well. Professor Dionne Taylor an expert in criminal law stated “....skimpy outfits and sexual dance moves are ruining the self-esteem of girls. The explicit dance moves and foul-mouthed lyrics fuel negative attitudes towards women and affect women’s confidence, education and even their employment prospects. It is blindly ignorant.” (Cox, 2013) Ever since the launch of YouTube in 2005 the consumption of youth watching provocative music videos has increased and “In August 2008 Teachers reported a rise in sexualised behaviour in children aged seven. “(Jones, date unknown) In July 2013 Walkwood Church of England Middle School in Redditch became the first to ban skirts for girls aged nine. The ban comes as increasing numbers of young girls copy the 'sexy schoolgirl' look popularised by celebrities such as Rihanna and Brittany Speers. The headmaster of the Worcestershire school said the ban would eliminate 'unladylike' short skirts. 'Young women are far more impressionable than young men. They want to be the pop stars have their lifestyle, their clothes, their men, their habits” (Jones, date unknown) This shows

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