David Denby High School Confidential Analysis

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Hannah Garrett Professor Lee English 110 17 September 2015 Teen Movies Summary In “High-School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies” David Denby expresses his thoughts on high school and how kids overcome the treacherous four years that shape their future. Over many years, high school has transformed into a twisted, judgmental “hell hole” and does not have much potential of returning back to the peaceful and conservative place it used to be. Prior to today’s disrespectful student population, teachers and parents of the students were looked very highly upon and were associated with scholar and wisdom. However, today‘s environment is completely flipped; teachers are not taken seriously and are treated as if they are a joke and parents…show more content…
He voices his opinion on how high school was, how high school is now, and how it could make or break your next four years from all the upsets, hardships and bullying. Fifty years ago, things were way different than how they are today. Kids had to go to school and were respectful to their peers or they would get in a huge amount of trouble, kids were expected to help their parents around the house or does some yard work outside. Nowadays kids do nothing and expect so much in return. If they do not get what they want when they want it, usually they will pitch a fit or they will not speak to their parents and the end result of that situation is the kid ends up getting it. They treat their parents as if they are a friend, not their parent. In some situations parents cannot control their kids, so they get way out of…show more content…
Girls can be rude towards people and are quick to judge a person that they have never even met. If girls are not the in the circle of the most popular girls who have all the high end designer names, hair and makeup done perfectly every day, they will most likely be judged and sadly there is no way of changing it. As for the guys if they are not playing sports then they are automatically a loser most likely and getting picked on. Kids are so cruel in high school and the bullying is even worse, especially now that social media takes up such a giant role in the life of teenagers. Cyber bullying has led kids to killing

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