Effects Of Divorce On Children

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When parents divorce, children show changes in their emotions and their behaviors. When people think of divorce the last thing they think of is the children, but children usually suffer the most from a divorce. Their change behaviors start to become negative and their emotions are drastically different. The changes that the children are negative ones, that cause a great amount of stress. Kids grades begin to drop, they become more violent and are less trusting of people. Some kids start to think that the divorce was their fault and if they did something to cause the divorce. Even though divorce is between the parents it always has a huge effect on their children, which changes how kids live and grow up. Divorce has a great effect on the emotions of children and adolescents. In children they get the feelings of being rejected. (Temke, 2006, p.1) Kids think that the parent who left doesn’t love them anymore and they feel left behind. Also children start to have false hopes. They think that there is a chance that their parents will get back together. This causes kids to try to recreate “what was”. (DeBord, 1997, p.6) They will act like their parents never got a divorce, or they will try to get their parents back together. Kids do this because they feel at fault; they may believe something they did or said caused a parent to leave. All of these things happen to children during a divorce, it is a very hard thing for kids to cope with. The emotions in adolescents also suffer from divorce. Adolescents begin to worry about a lot more, such as paying for college. (DeBord, 1997, p.6) Teens start to feel that their life will not be the same and that they have to take on a much larger role in the financial aspect of their own life. Teens feel that they are alone and begin to worry about how they will pay for things in their life, which causes unneeded

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