Change One Thing In Your Community

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If I could change one thing in my community it would be to offer parenting classes. I listen to my friends complain about their relationship with their parents and the lack of communication between them often. What I have come to realize is that both parties don’t know that the relationship is broken and they need to change the way they are talking to each other because obviously it is not working. I believe that if parents knew different ways to talk and help their kids then more could get done in the relationship. It is hard raising kids and hurtful things can be said, but I just don’t think a parent should react in a hurtful manner. When this happens it just backs the kid into a corner and nothing productive can get done. Kids know how to push a parents button and parents need to realize this. Sometimes when kids push their parent’s buttons it can be a defensive mechanism or way to divert from the real problem at hand. Kids need boundaries and parents need to follow through on their punishments. I am sure some might think that the aforementioned seems strange coming from a kid, but I know it could work if it was offered. I have a friend right now who continues to get in trouble and her parents keep arguing with her instead of trying to figure out why she is acting this way. I know that her behavior has changed because of a recent incident that she has not shared with them. I have tried to encourage her to talk to them, but she just feels that they will not support her. If her parents would approach her from a calm and non-combative manner she would probably feel that she can talk to them, but they don’t. The cycle of arguing just continues and she is going to the wrong people for advice. I feel that her parents want the best for her and love her, but are frustrated and screaming is all they know how to do. However if parents had went to a community

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