Waiting for Superman Movie Essay

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"Waiting for Superman" The movie "Waiting for Superman" follows five children and their families as they have to struggle through a system of bad education regulations and avoid the academic falls of public schools in order to receive a good education that may guarantee them a career. The film emphasizes how far behind America is in education compared to many other countries. Since tenure has been established America has dropped all the way down where we used to be number one in education and maintain high quality teachers. In the movie a girl growing up in a poor neighborhood of LA has hopes of going to med school. However, by the time she reaches her neighborhood’s failing high school, she will already be too far behind and may not even graduate, or even have a chance of getting a higher education. The movie also shows a boy from Washington, D.C. also stuck in a poor educational system in his neighborhood. A mother from the Bronx also has a difficult time when she is told that her son may need to be held back a year because of his weak reading skills. A middle school girl in California thinks that her public high school may not allow her from making it to her goals. All of these families want more for their children but can only hope they can transfer their kids into a better school. There are many problems with the educational system and leaders taking place in this movie telling by the families. Teacher unions are crooked and tenure is not all that it may seem. If more people don't start taking stands as Michelle Rhee has done in these poverty stricken cities, education may drop even lower than it already has on the poll charts. It should not be a struggle in any parts of the United States where children and their families
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