Are Girls Too Mean to Other Girls

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Diana Scutt English 090- College Writing Skills Dr. Schillig 29 November 2011 Argument Essay Mean Girls Bullying is an epidemic that our schools face; everyone has been bullied in some type of form at one point in their lives. Personally I feel as if females get it the worst. Females are bullied with words; while boys are bullied with fists. The media portrays these models as thin, beautiful girls; this ultimately makes other girls who aren’t as thin feel as if they aren’t pretty. They’re cases where females are bullied to the point where they resort to drugs and alcohol to make the pain go away, drop out of school because they can’t face their tormentors, causing some type of physical harm to their bodies, and or even resort to taking their own lives. Bullying begins at an early age whether we know it or not, for example not being invited or allowed to play with certain kids at recess. You can point out bullies on the elementary school playground or by the lockers at middle or high school; groups of girls tightly hanging together, the all-powerful cliques. Perhaps they’re whispering or looking down their noses at other girls. Or their madly sending nasty text messages or leaving anonymous commentaries on social websites like MySpace or Facebook. Rumors fly, caddy remarks sneak out while they pass each other in the hall, they make smear blogs to hurt others and put them down, they get in fist fights over looks and stealing boys. The competition to be the prettiest, smartest, and most popular makes girls turn vicious animals. Girls even resort to make fake web pages to get you “add” them as a friend and slowly start talking to all your friends trying to turn them against. Girls get so scared and embarrassed that they stop going to school are put in therapy and sometimes lead to drugs and alcohol to make the pain go away. I never understood why girls are
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