Sexuality And Vulgarity In The Media

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There is more vulgarity in the media today compared to the 1900’s when radios and newsprints first became popular. Music was censored and newspapers discussed the news and important fundamentals. Today there are multiple radio stations with a variety of different music and countless types of talk shows, some more vulgar than others. Any age group is able to access these stations. Today, some of top played songs contain lyrics that are about sex. The media basically disguises the words with “slang” and these songs are promoted and become so popular among the youth. Also, there are multiple magazines available to the public, with big flashy titles discussing sex tips and secrets, and scandals within the celebrities. You can find these magazines and advertisements almost anywhere. They are placed just a couple of shelves away from the popular teenage magazines, making it easy for the youth to access and read. Today the rules for censorship are so relaxed, and the youth know more about adult topics and then they should. Now that TV is so common in today’s society, numerous shows are being introduced. Some of the more popular ones like “Desperate Housewives” or “Two and a Half Men” have a crude, and sometimes offensive humor. These shows air on basic cable television, open for any age group to view. Some shows casually move around the subject of sex, making it harder for children to catch, but some discuss it with out any hesitation. Some shows degrade virgins, and make sex look like the cool thing to do. This allows the youth to feel as though sex is acceptable for their age. When ratings in movies first began, the “R” rating probably meant that sex may have been implied or a few sware words were used. “R” ratings today practically show full on sex scenes and the usages of swear words are ridiculous. Our youth look up to the popular musicians, actors, and

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