Music Affect on Teens

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Cameron Williams 11 April 2011 4th Hour Ms. Mason Music Affect on Teens The negative effects that music can have on teens are that it encourages sexual activity, causes hearing loss, and encourages violence, but positive effect that music can have on teens is that it can help them concentrate, it can help them have a positive mind and can help them do better in school. During teenage years, teens use music as an escape to their problem. But music can affect teenager’s life in a negative way, like causing them to go to jail, or even death, or in positive ways like causing them to become good writers, or entertaining them. Teens listen to different songs with different messages, some good, and some bad. It depends how the teen react to the music. The negative effect that music can have on teens is that it encourages sexual activity. In the article “Degrading Lyrics Linked to Earlier Sex”, Daniel DeNoon talks about music with sexual lyrics and he says, "The more teens listened to degrading sexual music content, the more likely they were to subsequently initiate intercourse and progress in other, noncoital activity"(DeNoon). What DeNoon was talking about in this quote was how music teens listen has an effect on their actions. The lyrics with sexual content made the teens partake in sexual activities. Since music is a big part of teen’s everyday life, the sexual lyrics in the music will encourage them to want to do the sexual behavior portrayed in the lyrics. This support the thesis because my thesis states music encourages sexual activity, and DeNoon said sexual lyrics made the teen initiate in intercourse which is sexual. In this article, “Degrading lyrics linked to earlier teenage sex,” Steve Connor talks about a study showing how teenagers who listen to degrading lyrics engage in precocious sexual activity, in the result of his study he finds, “In fact,
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