Media's Lowers a Woman's Self Esteem

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U1A7- That’s More Than Just My Opinion Assignment #4 By: Chelsea Holmes Many women around the world are being brainwashed by the appeal of how a woman should looked, based on the media’s perspective. They show women as skinny, chesty, and cane free but when they Photoshop these women, they don’t take into consideration the feelings of women. The media’s idea of a woman’s body image can negatively impact her self-esteem. It can cause them to feel fat and ugly, result to harmful and unhealthy weight loss and it can cause suicide. The media’s idea of how a woman should look causes many women to feel fat and ugly about themselves. A lot of women are afraid to dress a certain way, worrying about being judged. Sometimes they can feel like no one will love them because they are not like the models in magazines. As well, it can cause women to feel unappreciated for what they have because they don’t have ‘the look’. Many women feel insecure, self conscious, and unappreciated because they don’t look like the woman portrayed in the media. Secondly, this image being portrayed by media can resort to unhealthy treatments to lose weight. Woman have tried to stop eating or throwing up their food to stop them from gaining weight, which has only led them to becoming ill. Other women use diet pills and meal supplements to lose weight, however, when they stop taking them, a majority of the time they go back to their previous life style and gain a majority of that weight back. A lot of women exercise to lose weight, but if they have really low self-esteem, they try to push themselves, leaving themselves exhausted and dehydrated; still seeing no results. Women try unhealthy diets, excessive exercising and sometimes anorexia to look a certain way, but in the end, they just end up unhealthy and unsatisfied. Lastly, females who have low self-esteem, especially teens, feel that the

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