Pop Culture and True Beauty

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Hamza Mohammad Andy Varbel English 908 5/1/2012 True Beauty and Pop Culture There are many things in this world that can affect the way we act or think and pop culture is definitely one of these things. In the article “Pop Culture Is Destroying True Beauty” by Rachel Drevno, she explains how pop culture and the media is something that gets people to believe that there is a certain standard of beauty. That beauty that Drevno is talking about is all of the celebrities and people on the cover of magazines and so forth. She thinks people are trying to get themselves in the standard that pop culture wants when Drevno believes true Beauty is not what other people want you to look but rather everyone is beautiful in their own way. I do agree with Drevno in this article. It seems like everybody is trying to look like the ideal figure, but as we all know the majority is not ideal so we try to become that attractive figure that we think everybody wants. Drevno says in her article “Everywhere you look you will find images of women and men who typify what our society considers “beautiful”(P.2). What that quote means is that “unreal” beauty is all around us because our world believes that that is the true meaning of beauty when according to Drevno it is not. A friend of mine named Moe, was in a sense overweight and he didn’t like it because of what other people thought about it. Moe was so insecure that he kept saying he didn’t want to look like that anymore and started a diet which cut out a lot of his favorite foods. Beauty is something that is something on the inside and not on the outside according to Drevno. In her article she says “I have friends who starve themselves, or throw up everything they eat, because pop culture tells them they aren’t worthy unless they look perfect”(P.4). What this quote is saying is that pop culture is so bad that it can tamper

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