Eric Gulczynski Psychology: Becoming A Criminal Psychologist

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Eric Gulczynski Psychology/Sociology Journals: 8.6.09 No, $20,000 dollars would be too little to keep myself unclean, I honestly dont think i would be able to handle the non-cleanliness anyway because i always keep myself clean and i cant stand not showering for a day or after practice or something. So no $20,000 wouldnt be enough for me to overcome my pet peeves. 8.7.09 If i were to choose a job in the psychological field then i would have to choose a criminal psychologist. i would want to be involved in trying to figure how crimes were committed and what was going through the mind of the perpetrator and stuff of that nature. A job that will keep my adrenaline pumping and keep me on top of my game. 8.10.09…show more content…
At night i will admit i crave sugary foods or some junk food, im not sure why but its just a bad habit that im trying to break. 8.14.09 Knowledge, i think that the things im good at or i know alot about are because of my parents, they helped me out with that. 8.17.09 A reoccuring nightmare is when i wake up to my house being robbed and there is nothing i can do about it and its like im stuck and i cant talk or i cant move, i just see everything happening and i stress out, definately not a fun nightmare to have. ive had it for about 1 week straight when i was younger. kind of got over it as i got older. 8.19.09 If I were to choose and music group, then it would have to be Led Zepplin, or Black Sabbath. 8.20.09 Jeepers Creepers for sure. I was exposed to that movie at a young age and it kind of took a toll on me for about a year. I watched it with my older friends at the time and ever since then i get crap for being scared of jeepers creepers coming to get me at night if im a bad kid and stuff. I was 12-13 and everytime i spent the night at my friends house they would stay up and scare me when i would fall asleep. it wasnt fun at all. very…show more content…
Its obvious with his behavior. He might of had something or did something that was embarrassing that stuck with him. I was embarrassed with some of the things i did back in middle school and how i came off to some people as a jerk or something like that. 9.8.09 I personally think that my father and I have the worst road rage, i get it from him, he doesnt get aggressive or anything he just yells and cuts people off and stuff, i unfortunately have received that trait and i try to control myself sometimes. 9.9.09 i wouldnt stay in a haunted house, i am a chicken when it comes down to that kind of stuff, i would lose my mind, mentally i wouldnt be able to handle it, 9.10.09 The movies 25th Hour and the Goal series movies are very emotional to me, the 25th hour is very sad and intense, Goal is very suspensful, sad, and inspirational, those are my favorite movies for sure. 9.11.09 Gabe: Gambler, is $200,000 in debt, Having the IQ of a genius : 156 Heidi: Shopaholic, is $113,000 in credit card debt, She was raped at age 16 9.14.09 I believe that she is depressed due to the fight and she thinks its her fault and that it will occur again.

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