Sp3450 Unit 4 Assignment 3 Essay

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Unit 4 Assignment 3 Marketing and Advertising definitely have an impact on today’s society, not just children but adults too. The thing that I believe it persuades most people thoughts and attitudes are looks. Almost every commercial, TV show, movie, advertisement has a very good looking man or woman. It affects the mindset of those watching it, either the person become envious and want to look like someone on TV, the person become motivated and starts making themselves look like the person they have seen, or they reach the stage of denial. That is where the person either thinks that they already look like someone on TV or they believe they don’t need to. Deep down on some level they are envious and it is not their fault. They have been programmed since young that they are supposed to look a certain way because of what they have seen in movies. Women are supposed to be skinny with perfect bodies and the men are supposed to be chiseled and muscular, and that’s not how everyone is. This is the biggest type of persuasion and the most dangerous, the reason I say this because not only do people judge themselves on how they look but they judge everyone else. That why there are so many kids these days starving themselves, or taking steroids, or being picked on because they don’t have the perfect body. This leads to diseases like anorexia, addictions, low self esteem, even as drastic as suicide. What people don’t realize is that it all leads back to where that mindset derived from, which is every TV show, movie, commercial, and advertisement. Each one by themselves is not harmful, but if you are watching a movie and during the movie you have commercials and you switch the channel to a TV show or pick up a magazine, you are bombarded with it and subliminally you don’t realize but your mind is making mental notes of each one and that’s how persuasion

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