Too Good Looking

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Can You Be Too Good-Looking For Your Own Good? Pretty or not, everyone has that feeling where they feel that having high self-esteem and a lot of confidence is whats needed to make them feel wanted. Its deeper than just looking good but why do people think looking your best Is needed? The question people have been asking is ‘Can you be too good-looking for your own good’? Everyone wants to be that ‘’Beautiful or Handsome looking person that just stands out. Psychologist Maria Agthe found that attractive applicants for a graduate scholarship received more favorable ratings from opposite-sex raters, but not from same-sex raters. Men were unimpressed by a male applicant's handsomeness, and women actually penalized female applicants for beauty. In a second study, Agthe found that the effect of an applicant's attractiveness on their ratings also depended on the beauty of the beholder. Good-looking raters didn't seem to care one way or the other how handsome or beautiful an applicant was, but average-looking raters did - they penalized better-looking same-sex applicants. Its just to be practical, you might want think carefully about your appearance when you interview for a position, depending on who is doing the interviewing. When your potential boss is a member of your own sex, consider a more conservative, professional look. You want your interviewer focused on your credentials, not your good looks. Its been noticed that the younger crowd worries more about their appearance than any other age group. More importantly each of us needs to try to be aware of our own biases when we are in the position to hire, promote, an award on someone. Research suggests that probing your thoughts for potential bias can remove its influence. Stop and ask yourself - is my decision being influenced by the candidate's looks? Am I being fair? Would I want to be judged this way? You
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