The Golden Compass Essay

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English Essay. 7. Even though Lord Asriel is Lyra's father, Iorek serves as her father figure. 1. Compare and contrast Lord Asriel and Iorek. 2. Which one is more of a father to Lyra? Why? There is many men and creatures in the lovely tale of the Golden Compass, however, there is only two in which Lyra is fascinated with. In the way that one is her real father of whom she never knew was, and there is the passoinate father to her, who is loving and caring towards her. These are examples of contrast between the two of Lyra's father figures. The likenesses between them are in different ways intriguing........... Where Lord Asriel is strong in the way that he is a role with lots of power and is highly respected, Iorek is physically strong, and has capability to do many things a only a very high fitness level could achieve , he is also strong inside,in the way that he has the strength to go on through tough situations,for example,when he lost Lyra when she fell out of and give it all in battles; he is mentally strong. Lord Asriel may be strong,and Iorek may be too,but none can compare to how brave and strong Lyra was in this heartwarming tale. The intelligence in this story in the two father figures is quite frequent. They have very prominent talents in the tale of it. The ways of these brains are demonstrated in different ways. One way is that Iorek has many great battle strategies and is smart in the way that he can outsmart people lower and higher than him. Lord Asriel is very smart and unpredictable in the way that he is scientific and futuristic. He looks at what he could do to make us modern. But yet again I state clearly; they are both intelligent. My opinion on who is more a true father to Lyra is clearly made already.I think Iorek is more a father because Lyra loves him more,for example,the scene where Lyra is talking to Serafina Pekkala in
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