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Success is being able to achieve what you want. In Arthur Miller’s “Death of a salesman,” the characters, Willy, Biff, Happy, and Linda all have their own ideas of what success is and their own American Dream. But the Loman family lacks the ability to make the necessary and suitable choices to pursue the American Dream. The Loman’s idea of what it takes to be a success has a lot to do with their inability to achieve the American Dream. Willy Loman is the main character in the play. He is a 60-year-old traveling salesman. Willy works hard to provide for his family but his problem is that he wasted his life trying to seek the wrong product, his personality. He worked hard to gain wealth “…on the basis of being liked…” (). Willy says, “…It’s…show more content…
When all you really desire is to be outdoors with your shirt off” (1784). Biff feels like he still a boy in a man’s body and that maybe if he was married and settled down he would be content. He thinks about settling down and marrying a woman much like his mother, Linda. Although Biff and Happy’s futures were small and depended on the way they were brought up, biff is the only character that truly turned out to be successful. He is successful because he is the only one who can confront reality and see through the rose colored glasses. Everyone else had a false sense of reality and could not see or admit the truth. Biff, on the other hand, is comfortable with the fact that he is just an average man, something Willy, was never able to accept. Another reason Biff is successful is because he chases his dreams and what he enjoys doing in life. Biff knew that the life of a salesman was not his own dream but his father’s dream for him. All Biff really wanted was to be able to work with his hands and enjoy the simple things in life. Towards the end of the play, Biff tries to confront his father and get him to see how false his dreams were, and accuses Willy, of having false dreams. In accepting the truth about his father, Biff is able to make a decision about his own future based upon a realistic view of his

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