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Who is Alexander the Great? He is a young man of glory, determination and revolution. His reign over Persia showed everyone else in Asia what a young man can do. He was feared upon by almost every person past Dardanelles. Alexander knew how to be smart by not letting people think of him as a cataclysmic man. Also, he was tutored by one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Aristotle.Also, His crazy, but effective war tactics led him to many victories. Lastly, Alexander the Great had a very reckless and courageous mind. He was determined and never let down his army. Alexander, the intelligent, tactical and ambitious young man was the greatest military leader of all time because he led his army to many great victories without suffering devastating amounts of casualties. Alexander was a very intelligent. First of all, he was tutored at a very young age by Aristotle who already educated his mind about warfare. Aristotle educated Alexander in such a way that he would think like an adult by the age of 15. He made sure Alexander strived more than he average teenager boy. Another example of how Alexander was intelligent was when he captured king Darius’s family. Everyone thought that Alexander would execute them Alexander the Great was an amazing tactician. When he faced the Persians, His risky tactics led…show more content…
His tutor, Aristotle instilled the notion of “never to give up” in his mind. When his father, Philip II passed away, he was determined to accomplish his father’s dream, by conquering Asia. Lastly, after the first siege against the Persians, he arrived at a small village that contained the Gordian knot. People believed that whoever untied the knot, they would be able to conquer the world. When Alexander stumbled upon the knot, he knew it was impossible to untie so he hacked the rope until he saw he knot and untied it. Although many people said this was cheating, Alexander himself

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