Walter Mitty V. Uncle Marcos

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The short stories “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “Uncle Marcos” are both about courageousness and adventure, but in their own ways. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is about a regular man who is constantly nagged by his wife but escapes by venturing off into exciting daydream. The story “Uncle Marcos” is about an eccentric man who comes up with crazy inventions and is adored by his niece Clara. The two short stories are very similar but extremely different at the same time. “Uncle Marcos” by Isabel Allende is a short Short story about Uncle Marcos, a man who makes inventions and goes on journeys around the world. His family thinks he is burden because he brings all of his things back to his sister Nivea’s house. His niece Clara looks up to him and Marcos tells her about the crazy adventures he had been on. She is inspired to be as courageous as her uncle. He is very outspoken and kind of crazy but Clara looks past that and sees a man who is creative and intelligent. “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber is about a man who lives quite a not so fun life. Each day his wife Mrs. Mitty nags at him about any thing, He holds his tongue because he is afraid of what she might say. His daydreams is the only thing that gets him away from his dull life. In his daydreams he is a hero, self-confident, and daring. He wishes that he was the man in his daydream, because if he was he’d be bold enough to stand up to his wife. Walter Mitty as well as Uncle Marcos are both rounded characters. They show different characteristics. Marcos is adventurous, curious and weird. He shows that he is adventurous by traveling around the world. He shows he is curious by wanting to teach an animal a new language. He is also weird by wanting to marry his cousin. Walter on the other hand is creative, bored at times, and tolerant. He has creative daydreams during the
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