Odysseus Is A Hero Essay

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Is Odysseus is a superhero? Or is he just a hero? A superhero holds many superhuman like having extraordinary strength, courage, and being an incredible leader. An hero can be anyone without powers. A hero can be someone with incredible intelligence. In the book Odyssey Odysseus is on a quest to return home after years of war in Troy. He is forced to journey through a mighty Cyclops, raged Gods, Goddesses the underworld, and suitors that are after his wife Penelope. Odysseus conquers these obstacles and returns home safely with the help of his incredible intelligence, superior strength, and great courage. Through out his voyage all of these traits are displaced which show what kind of person he really is. Odysseus shows his intelligence…show more content…
For example “So the great soldier took his bow and bent it for the bowstring effortlessly. He drilled the axe heads clean, sprang, and decanted arrows on the door sill, glared, and drew again. This time he killed Antinous.” He comes dressed as a beggar. Which is another example of his true intelligence. He manages to get inside the palace with out his cover being blown. The only one that really knows who the beggar really is his son. Odysseus truly shows his strengths when he fights the suitors with the bow that can only be strung by the strongest. He isn’t just raw power, his gracious hands and sharpshooters eye help nail down the suitors. All of these traits add up to be strengths because they all aid him in finishing his tasks. None of the suitors even left a scratch on Odysseus. Odysseus shows off all of his talents in this battle. Strength won it for him though. In conclusion, Odysseus is a hero because he uses human and super human strength to overcome his enemies, including super intelligence. Odysseus is a special man not only because of his heroic and godly figure, but because he has an endless love, lust, and determination for his wife and son which show human his qualities. So after his long journey he is going to rest at home with his

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