Odysseus a Greek Hero

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Everyone knows about heroes, from Batman to Spiderman, and even Superman. However, there is one person who is the very first hero. His name is Odysseus. Odysseus will go through a hero's quest that make him who he is today. A hero's quest is a series of episodes that a man chosen by destiny calls upon him to defeat his external and internal foes. Each episode ensures that a gradual transformation will occur from the chosen man to, finally, our hero. Although there are several episodes in the hero's journey, this paper will focus on three specific episodes. The reader sees Odysseus follow the hero's quest by experiencing the call to adventure, heroic deeds and dragon slayers, and the hero's return. In the first episode, Odysseus follows the hero's quest by experiencing the call to adventure. The call to adventure is a separation of the hero from his familiar world to the unknown. For example, Agamemnon, Odysseus' friend, asks him to join his forces to attack Troy so that they can retrieve Helen, Menelaus' wife. According to Greek literary tradition, the unwilling hero, Odysseus, joins Agamemnon because he feels a sense of duty and obligation (Homer 43). A second call to adventure occurs when Hermes, the messenger of the gods, delivers Zeus's command that Calypso must set Odysseus free. Calypso has kept Odysseus for years, as her lover; all the while, he makes it clear that he wants to return to his home in Ithaca (Homer 146). Each call to adventure ensures the hero will go places no one has returned from before. This step also allows the hero's quest to continue and makes certain that the hero's character will continue to change. In the following episode, Odysseus continues the hero's quest by experiencing heroic deeds and dragon slayers. This is the next step in the hero's quest

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