Marvel vs. Dc Comics Essay

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Marvel is better than DC Comics because Marvel started the whole idea of comic books first. Comic books have been made for years. Marvel, created by Stan Lee, was the first company to begin making comics mainstream with characters such as Captain America, the ultimate Boy Scout who does everything for the greater justice of America and has superhuman strength and Spider-Man, a high school science nerd who was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him spider-like abilities and reflexes. They were followed shortly thereafter by The Incredible Hulk, a scientist who came in contact with Gamma radiation and when he gets angry, turns green and becomes a powerhouse of muscle, and Iron Man, a brilliant inventor who created an iron suit that can fly, has weapons, and operates via his thoughts. Throughout Marvel’s rise to fame, however, another company began making comic books with stories about superheroes and their adventures. National Allied Publications sprang up in 1934 and became DC, short for Detective Comics, within a few years. Their characters were heroes with the ultimate powers and the greatest advantages. Superman, the Man of Steel, an un-killable hero with unfathomable powers of every sort, who’s one and only weakness is a glowing green rock from a far off planet he calls home, and very few people have. The Green Lantern, a man with a power based entirely off of imagination. The Flash, a man so fast he can run through solid objects by rearranging his particles, making him unstoppable. The most popular was Batman, a wealthy man who decides to put a stop to crime and is prepared for everything. Marvel’s characters were humans with powers, whereas DC had heroes who were almost unstoppable. Stan Lee created his characters to be the greatest superheroes but still be human. His characters face not only villains and their evil plots, but day to day

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