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Heroic Freak Do you ever wonder what makes a hero? According to, a hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities. Next, do you think Freak is a hero in Freak the Mighty by, Rodman Philbrick? In Freak the Mighty, Max is the main character who solves things with his fists. Also, Freak is the second main character because he comes next after Max and he solves things with his brain by being smart or strategic. Freak should be the hero in Freak the Mighty because he is smart, is very brave, and he is helpful. First of all, Freak is the hero because he has brains. Freak has brains because Ms. Donelli keeps saying to him that he always knows the answer and it would be nice…show more content…
He is brave because he stood up to T ony D. even though he was way smaller than Tony. Also, Freak helped Max get away from Max’s dad by getting a squirt gun and filling it up with vinegar and curry powder to shoot Max’s dad. An example of this I when Freak tells Max’s dad to put his hands up, and to stop. (Pg. 101) This is significant because Freak is acting very brave against Max’s dad while everybody else is scared of him. This is the reason why Freak should be the hero in Freak the Mighty. Last but not least, Freak is the hero because he is helpful. Freak is helpful because he restored Max’s confidence and knowledge by pushing Max to his limits, and by teaching him how to read better. Also, he is helpful because he gave Max a positive point of view. One instance is when Max says that he never had a brain until Freak came along. This quote is significant because Max means that he never knew anything until Freak came along and helped him know. Also, he means that Freak is his savior and helper. This is the last reason that explains why Freak is the hero of the book Freak the

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