Smoke Signals Essay

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Somke Signals, a story about a man, Arnold Joseph, who is tormented in his life by a wrong he has done. This movie explains how it effected Arnold's life, and the lives of those around him, for instance his son Victor Joseph, and a boy named Thomas Builds-The-Fire. An obvious idea of this movie was the idea of forgivness, those who can forgive, and those who couldn't. Thomas Builds- The- Fire, a boy who I wouldn't say exactly was Victor Joseph's friend, but he grew up with him. They were bonded by Victor's father, who saved Thomas when he was a baby from a house fire that killed his parents. Thomas grows up admiring Arnold and looking to him as a hero, for having saved his life. The irony in this is that really Arnold had caused the fire that in turn killed Thomas' parents. Thomas often spoke highly of Arnold and that was something that annoyed Victor greatly, because the way he knew him was as a dead beat father, he couldn't see why Thomas admired him. Victor was always mean to Thomas, but Thomas harldy paid any mind to how Victor treated him, he was always there with forgivness for him. Arnold Joseph first appears to be a drunk and abussive man. He is, but what is not first explained is why he is this way. The movie later goes on to tell that Arnold is responsible for the death of two people. Drunk one night, and playing with fireworks, Arnold caused the fire that killed Thomas' parents. He saved Thomas from that fire, one good deed, but he's overwhelmed by the guilt of killing Thomas' parents. "Smoke Signals" Eyre; Grandma Builds-the-Fire says to him, “You saved Thomas. You did a good thing,” and Arnold replies, “I didn’t mean to.” What I think Arnold means by that response is he didn't mean to start the fire, and didn't mean to kill Thomas' parents. His act of remorse for what he has done is cutting off his hair, a symbol of shame. He countinues on in his

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