Character Analysis Of Roy Lee In The October Sky

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Roy Lee is a very important character in this book as one of the main characters in October Sky and also the founding member of the Big Creek Missile Agency (BCMA). As a member of the Rocket Boys, he has been good friends for a long time ago in Coalwood with Sonny, O’Dell and Sherman. Roy Lee lived in Coalwood because his father worked in coal mining business under Sonny’s father. His father passed away when he was 13 years old and his father was 45 years old then. Even though Roy Lee’s father had died his mother campaigned to stay in Coalwood and they were approved. Roy Lee is rather unique than the other boys like O’Dell, Sherman, or Sonny. He is very social Roy Lee has his own car unlike the others. However, he got his car by an insurance settlement that he had after his father had died in the mine working for Homer. Roy Lee was a good-looking guy which he also knew. Roy Lee had a dark hair the color of a coal, pushed back greased, and he sometimes looked liked young version of Elvis Presley. [1] Roy Lee appears often in the book with Sonny, O’Dell and Sherman. Chosen and called the transportation guy between his friends and by BCMA (Big Creek Missile Agency) for having a car of him while others don’t. Roy Lee is a really good friend to the boys. The characteristic of Roy Lee as a good friend shows in the book often. From the beginning to the end, he always yielded and gave the great chance to the one who dreamed of it and who really need the opportunity they were given. [2] Whether he didn’t really know how to help the boys, he didn’t give up and produced ideas that would be of a help to the group, Rocket Boys. Roy Lee takes big role in encouraging Sonny that they should win in the Science Fair even though he was one of the people that saw no hope and thought it was impossible to win in the science fair. It is true that there were few reasons that Roy Lee had

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