Odysseus vs. Abraham

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World Literature 26/10/2013 The Not So Obvious Hero Throughout History we see man that stand out and are called heros who are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. Odysseus the great greek Warrior is one of the most famous heroes of history. His intelligence and charisma made him well known even into the 21st century. But what about other ancient characters? Abraham the father of the nation of Israel has lived such a different live than Odysseus the emblem of heroism but even though throughout Abrahams live he proves over and over again that he is also worthy of being called an Epic Hero. Every great hero is well known for his military tactics. Tactics that not just save people’s live but are genius in idea. Odysseus shows his brilliance when he saves his men from Cyclops or when he comes up with the idea of the Trojan Horse . Abraham had to save his nephew Lot, Genesis describes Abraham as “wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold”, the Bible says that he had donkeys and camel. Rare animals, that not a lot people had, much to be compared with todays Porsches and Lamborghinis. Abraham was the Warrent Buffet of his time, a man of wealth but not a man with a standing army. Now Abraham wanted to save his nephew Lot who used to be his second in command but then abandoned him, for Abraham it was more important that Lot was part of his family than what he did to him.Abraham could have lost everything if his mission failed but he was acting completely selfless. He then takes 318 of his man to face one of the local military superpowers and wins through creating confusion by attacking from several directions at night. Religious people might say that his victory was not won just because he was a brilliant military leader but also because he had the blessing of God, much like Odysseus who had the blessing and support of
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