Harry Potter As A Monomyth In Homer's Odyssey

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Usually in a monomyth the leading character portrays the role of an undiscovered hero who lives in an ordinary world destined to take on a future challenge. In the beginning the hero usually tries to escape his fate contemplating the irregularities it may present. Friends and guardian usually come to support the young hero during his journey. They guide him when At the end of a monomyth, the hero falls into the realm of death and confronts the ultimate enemy which reveals his dark side, his evil and submerged half. Having faced and conquered his dark side, the hero returns home, far stronger than before. Monomyth heroes are present today in Greek Mythology through Hercules, Movies and books like Harry Potter, and role models such as Owen Meany.…show more content…
He salvages alone and lacks self confidence. “You place too much importance... on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!”(Rowling) One day Haggard, his magical guardian, guides him into a third realm world. At first Harry is resistant and cannot picture the idea of having powers beyond the norm. But as time goes by, Harry becomes aware of the connection his powers have with the other students at Hogwarts. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”(Klove) He has many adventures that engrave his strengths into Hogwart’s history and makes many friends that help him out like Ron, Hermione, and…show more content…
Not much was expected of him because of his small size. “Soaring and reaching so high—not just for the basket, but to aspired to be a hero.”(Irving) But Owen Meany possessed a power within him that would allow him to make John Wheelwright believe in God. “Owen Meany believed that ‘coincidence’ was a stupid, shallow refuge sought by stupid, shallow people who were unable to accept the fact that their lives were shaped by a terrifying and awesome design—more powerful and unstoppable than The Flying Yankee.”(Irving)In the end of the story, Owen Meany becomes an ultimate true life hero especially after facing several trials and tribulations put into place by not having a complete family. He endure life changing events that weren’t always for the better. When John and Owen went to the airport for John's return flight,a day Owen believed that he was destined to die, they see a group of nuns escorting a column of Vietnamese war orphans through the halls. One of the nuns asks Owen to take the boys to a men's room; there, Dick Jarvits, a boy who has the Vietnamese, bursts in with a grenade. He hurls it at John, who tosses it to Owen; Owen leaps into the air, and John holds him up so that he can thrust the grenade into a high window. Fortunately the children are shielded from the blast, but Owen's arms were blown off, and he bled to death. He in many ways is immortal because his story is

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