Alcibiades Arrogance In Peloponnesian War

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Alcibiades, seen as a smart, handsome man was “raised in the home of his relative Pericles” (Pomeroy et al. p 238). Aside from being smart and handsome, Alcibiades had many other traits such as: arrogant, vain, determined and selfish to name a few. These traits are what one requires too be a leader, which Alcibiades was. Although these traits are used to become a leader, the way one applies these traits can cause consequences. During the Peloponnesian War, Alcibiades was seen as a negative factor in the Athenian cause because of his pride, and overconfidence in himself. We encounter Alcibiades arrogance in Tides of War when he says “ we will take these cities as we took the islands of our empire” this shows Alcibiades over analyzing how strong
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